WHSC: Monthly IDPA Match October 2012

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With the Lonestar IDPA Championship coming up, so needing some practice I attended this match. Interesting match lots of movers, and unusual starting positions. I made quite a number of mistakes, I need to figure out a way to visualize the stages without violating IDPA’s rules.

WHSC: Fourth of July Steel Challenge Match

Yesterday I shot the Fourth of July Steel Challenge Match at West Houston Shooters Club. It was only their second Steel Challenge match, and their first four stage Steel Challenge Match.

The stages shot were:

  • Smoke & Hope
  • Speed Option
  • Roundabout
  • Five to Go

My total time was 83.02 which is about the same time I got at the BAPS June Steel Challenge match, but they run different stages. The two stages I could compare show a different story. I was over a second slower on Five to Go because of my misses, but I was a hundredth of a second faster on Smoke and Hope. Mainly I need to work on switching gears, Smoke and Hope was my first stage and set the tone for the match. I was much too fast on stages where I needed to slow down.

Placement wise I was 2nd out of 15 in Production, but honestly I had the benefit of experience so I can’t count on that in the future. Anyways I posted the video below.

Another learning experience here, the GoPro is annoying me as I have no way of checking level. The smartphone app can’t get here fast enough IMO. I did find a couple of issues that I need to address, I didn’t do the text on Five to Go at all, and I didn’t leave any of the stage text long enough. Primarily this is an issue with my computer, I can’t really preview any of the complex effects due to my slow computer. I could fix it, but that would be another 5-6 hours with processing time, and uploading to Youtube. I will just do my best to prevent it in future videos.

First Match Back…

And I blow it.

Shot IDPA yesterday, got 31 points down, which is unusually high for me. Mostly I was shooting low on the headshots, which resulted in 5 point mikes.

Now I did learn some new things, mostly had to do with time management. I’ve noticed that most high level shooters don’t just wait for activators, they do other things. Today I attempted to do just that, one stage with a mover that took a longish time to be shootable, and another using a pop up target. In both cases I engaged other targets instead of waiting for the targets to appear.

Anyways steel next week.

Couple of equipment comments:

I replaced the fiber optic in my M&P 9 Pro, it was just barely hanging on. I also ordered two new M&P 9 Pro series, they will be sent to Apex Tactical to be built up as Bianchi guns.