The Monster Match 2013

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The Monster Match is probably the match I enjoy the most every year. Every year Shannon has new tricks up his sleeve with the match, this year it was a treadmill. But beyond that he takes excellent stage design and ramps things up quite a bit, over half the stages were redresses from the US IPSC Nationals. So there were some very difficult props, and many of the stages were built with more than one way to shoot it. It is hard to single out a particular stage that I liked the most, but I found the challenge of the Ghost Ship enjoyable.

No real major issues, my S&W M&P 9 Pro ran fine, the only issue was the slide locking back prematurely stage 5 “Waking the dead.” Also I should mention stage 5, the popper that activated the mover didn’t want to go down so I called for a challenged the calibration of the popper and won that. Thus I got a reshoot, and I didn’t do badly on the reshoot. The calibration and reshoot gods were pleased with my sacrifice of a virgin (Do you know how hard it is to find a virgin anymore?).

Beyond that most of my issues were mental, like forgetting my stage plan, or in one case simply forgetting to shoot an array of targets. My overall performance was not bad, I shot 81% of the points available, and walked away with high ‘C’ class in the Production division.

Anyways it has been announced that The Monster Match will likely be cancelled in 2014, which is unfortunate. On the other hand there is a rumor that the World Speed Shooting Championships might move to that time of year. But if that doesn’t come to pass I am thinking about shooting the US IPSC Nationals in Classic division.

Generation 300 2012

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Generation 300 is the end of the year match for Generation Practical Shooters, it is held as an USPSA style outlaw match with five 60 round stages. Because of the round count per a stage they allow any length magazines, among the magazines I used four magazines with Taylor Freelance 140mm extensions which allowed me to load 22 rounds in each magazine.

Anyways it was an interesting match, I found that my performance suffered as the stage went on, I probably need to work on building my stamina. Anyways though I flubbed a few times due to that, I still walked away with 2nd ‘C’ class in production division which gave me another plaque for my collection.

AAR: The Monster Match 2012

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The Monster Match is a yearly Halloween themed match hosted at the Universal Shooting Academy, probably one of the most fun matches that you can shoot. It is 8 stages over 400 rounds, if you are anywhere near central Florida I highly suggest attending.

My performance frankly sucked, but hey I had fun.

Oh for those that don’t subscribe to my Youtube channel, after big matches like this one, I typically post a demo video on my channel that I don’t always link here.

GPS: Sep USPSA Match

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Interesting match, shot 98% of the points available, but I was slow as shit. Which is normal for my first match back from a NRA Action Pistol match. If you watch the match the stages don’t quite resemble the stage descriptions, they were all modified to bring them up to maximum round count.

The most fun stage was Neon Moon, I liked the mix of close, medium and long range shots. Ting Ting Tong was fun, but mostly or all steel stages are always fun, and was the stage that I scored the best on. Shoot ‘Em Up was painful, that popper just didn’t want to fall, they said I should’ve challenged it, but honestly I was in knock it down mode. Only 3 Sides was also a little interesting as I had to avoid going to kneeling, as it takes too long to get up, so the position I was exactly comfortable.

GPS: July USPSA Club Match

July is at and end, and it was capped off with the Generation Practical Shooters USPSA match. This match was a classifier match in that we shot four classifiers and three local stages. The classifiers were

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BAPS: July USPSA Club Match

Those that shoot USPSA regularly know about the classifiers. The typical classifier is honestly pretty easy, this week I discovered one of the harder classifiers. The ironically named CM99-14 Hoser Heaven it is anything but heaven, even for non-hosers like me. I got a C level score, and yet somehow I ended up second place on that stage.

Anyways it was another month, another USPSA match, and another match video.

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Bailey’s: USPSA July Club Match

Well the match got rained out, so we only shot one stage. And that stage I did horribly, frankly I didn’t stage plan it at all, and it showed. In fact I missed one steel, and one cardboard target, I didn’t even shoot at them because I simply wasn’t looking for them.

Now I do hate stages like this, way too confusing for my pea sized brain. But I really need to buckle down and plan them out, or I might as well not even show up.

Anyways I did do some playing with my two video cameras, and I think I got some cool things to try in the future. But my next match is steel challenge where honestly I just need one camera.

Protip: For anyone even considering using a second camera and wanting to do things like PIP, split screen, or switching angles. Just plunk down the money for a professional video editing package. It is so much easier to get things synced up with Final Cut Pro X then it was to manually sync them using iMove 11.

GPS: USPSA June Club Match

Ever just phone in a stage? Just going through the motions so you have a score rather then a DNF. Well that happened today on the last stage, Stage 5. It was 100 degrees, my leg wasn’t fitting right, and I had a headache. So I just got up there and shot the stage with little prep, and not really caring. Shot a no shoot, had to do a slide lock reload, and just generally looked confused.

Match was five stages plus the classifier, the classifier was the classic El Presidente, CM 99-11. We shot them in order except for the last two which we swapped because the squad behind us was running so late. Overall the match was fun, but it was so damn hot that thing started to suck by stage 4.

My performance was a lot better then I expected, I achieved 7 out of 21 in production. That was mostly propelled by excellent hits on stage 3, with no hits to the no shoot, which allowed to achieve second. I did descent in stage 2, and the classifier wasn’t horrible. The rest I would be better off forgetting.

Even though the angle wasn’t quite right, the camera has given me insight on some of the things I need to work on. I think I bring the gun back too often, and I have some extraneous motion on my reloads. Next time I will be moving the up just a tad so it gets a better angle.

Finally I tried something new, I picked up a grip enhancer. Not quite sure what is in, which means it will probably give me cancer (again), but it helps with keeping my hands dry to grip the gun. Only cost me a few bucks at Sports Authority. Combined with my new large grip insert stippling I had zero issues with grip during the match today. Next match I am going to find something to help make the heat more tolerable, I am thinking a spray bottle of water that I can keep in the cooler. I am also hoping to have my new leg by then.

BAPS: USPSA June Club Match

Shot the BAPS USPSA match, it was hot as hell. I was sweating so much that I am considering getting something that I can spray on my hands to improve my grip. The stippling of the back strap helps, but since the front is the stock texture due to IDPA rules it is still pretty slick.

Anyways was a four stage plus classifier, the classifier was CM 06-06. I scored 7th out of 24 shooters in production, and I consistently either had the most points in production, or tied for the most. My reloads were pretty good, I don’t remember any screw ups. My overall times could be faster, and I have to work on my weak hand only shooting. But I am fairly happy with the match.