Lazy Saturday Afternoon with my M&Ps

My WorkbenchThis morning I went to the range to test the M&P 9 Pro that I replaced the fiber optic on. But now it’s 95 degrees outside, so it’s much too warm to be doing anything outside. So after inspecting the front sight to make sure it wasn’t loose, I decided to pull out my gear for stippling. I need to do two more for my Bianchi M&Ps, so I started on doing one with the spare large back strap I had in my gear box.

It’s actually extremely easy, in fact it doesn’t require any expensive equipment. I just use a soldering iron, a block of wood to wipe the plastic off the tip (the same one I use for driving out pins), and I use a small fan to keep the air moving so I am not breathing in plastic. Beyond that it just takes time, and a steady hand. If I remember correctly it takes me about two hours per a back strap, but I often take breaks.

Now some do fancier patterns, and do the entire gun. But I am not doing it for looks, and I want my guns to be IDPA legal so I just do the back strap. I have detailed pictures in the gallery below.

Anyways as I mentioned this was going to be for my Bianchi M&Ps but I figure what the hell I am karmaing one of each size off on Sigforum.