Crawfish Cup 2014 and GSSF at Dallas Pistol Club May 2014

Crawfish Cup

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The Crawfish Cup marks the start of Bianchi season. It is never more than a month away from the Bianchi Cup, this year with the World Action Pistol Championships the week before Bianchi this match is even more important as there are few opportunities to practice between the trips for each match.

Anyways I am honestly disappointed with my performance. I made a number of mental errors that cost me points that would’ve otherwise resulted in a pretty descent score.

Equipment wise other than my ELS belt system there were no changes from Bianchi Cup last year. My XDM 9 5.25″ is still going strong.



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This match snuck up on me, I was totally unprepared for it. When I got my Glock 34 Gen 4 all I did was put Warren Tactical sights, I didn’t have enough magazines, and the gun had only a little more than a hundred rounds through it. I also realize now that I should’ve gotten a Glock 17 Gen 4 as that would’ve allowed me to compete in the civilian category which had a number of cash prizes to be won. Anyways I did well until 5 to Glock, where the factory trigger and my lack of practice with the gun came together for a massive number of dropped points.


US Steel Nationals 2014 – A long overdue update

Probably thought I completely forgot about shooting since I haven’t posted anything shoot related since late last year. I haven’t stopped shooting, simply haven’t had time to get any new posts done.

US Steel Nationals 2014

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I spent a week and almost 5,000 rounds in Florida shooting. I first spent two days with Shannon Smith of Universal Shooting Academy, during this session we established realistic goal times for all the stages. I then spent the remainder of the week leading up to Saturday practicing. The match was fun I didn’t do as well as I was hoping, but I still walked away with 6th production which is 4 positions higher than last year. One bright spot, is though I was within a second of my time at the Texas State match, I only had 17 make up shots which is much much less than I did at Texas State.

Stage wise, I only set a personal best stage time during Smoke and Hope; and Roundabout both of the hoser stages. On the other hand even though my stage times were worse on other stages like Five to Go my times were more consistent. Since I know that I had shoot these stages faster, I just need to do it more consistently since my previous way of doing it often results in me crashing and burning. Now two things I noticed that I really need to work on is to reacting to the buzzer faster and prepping the trigger. I really need to get my hands moving at the first sound of the buzzer rather than waiting for the buzzer to complete. Also I noticed from watching the video (you didn’t think I did the video because it is cool?) that I was resetting the trigger after I got to the next target, I really need to do that between targets.


Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Pro 5″ – This was the first time that I’ve had a parts breakage at a major match. During practice on Thursday the left side slide lock lever broke off. It wasn’t a major issue since you are doing reloads in Steel Challenge, so I trucked on with my current gun rather than breaking out the back up. The only thing I had to do because of it, was use an empty magazine to lock the slide back. I called S&W and they said it was a factory only part so I would have to send the gun in to get a free replacement. I just bought a couple, and will be doing the replacement myself during the next spring replacement cycle.

Now I did have three stoppages, all three were with Freedom Munitions Remanufactured 9mm, and all three sounded like a squib with a stove pipe failure to eject. I had no issues with the Atlanta Arms and Ammo 9mm reloaded match ammo.

Safariland ELS Belt System – This was my first major match with the Safariland ELS belt. Overall I like the stiffness of the belt along with the convenience. Every time I put it on the mag pouches and holster are all in the same position. When I am eating lunch I can quickly slip off my QLS attached holster, and my ELS attached mag pouches. If I am going into town for lunch, I can simply take off the outer belt. And then there is the fact that even though the mounting platforms don’t change, I can easily change the exact attachments for the division that I am shooting. So for this match I had my Comp-tac International Holster for the M&P, and the Safariland 773 magnetic mag pouch. For Bianchi it will be the XDM version of the Comp-tac holster. For USPSA I will change the mag pouches. The list goes on.

Now I did have one issue with the belt system, somewhere during the week I lost one of the pegs that holds the belt together. I noticed it on Friday, and I didn’t have a back up belt so I had to keep on trucking (Safariland has said that a replacement peg is on the way). I also say people that didn’t secure their belt well lose the belt during stages like Outer Limits. I can see why Shannon Smith uses police style belt keepers with his competition belt system. If I have any issues I will likely be doing the same.


Bianchi Cup and Other Pistol Matches

I picked up my second XD(M) 9 5.25″ that I will be using as a back up gun for these season’s NRA Action Pistol matches and any in the future. It took a few hours but I got it configured the same way as my other XD(M), now I am just waiting on the backup holster from Comp-tac. Anyways I am signed up for the Crawfish Cup, World Action Pistol Championship, and the Bianchi Cup. I got my squading for Bianchi Cup, I request and got the same shooter number as my last two years, and I got all afternoon slots. I am definitely looking forward to shoot the new mover in Columbia, as they’ve upgraded it to an Action Target tracked mover. I am currently working on getting an extra day at the SWLA Rifle and Pistol Club range to practice the stages a little more.

Anyways on to the second half of my season, due to the World IPSC Championship being at USA this year, the Monster Match is cancelled. Since I enjoy shooting Shannon’s matches I’ve signed up for the US IPSC Nationals, which will be the same stages just a week or two after the world match. Should be a fun match, and since I am going to be shooting classic division this will be first time shooting a major match with a 1911. I need to get some stuff hammered out to get my STI Trojan ready for the match.

I was hoping that the USPSA would move the World Speed Shooting Championship to fall at USA, but that didn’t quite work out. The date for the Texas State Steel Challenge Championship hasn’t been announced yet, but I am hoping that it will work out so I can shoot it in addition to the US IPSC Nationals. Either way, I am seriously thinking about going to the Georgia State Steel Challenge Championship next year.

AAR: The Crawfish Cup 2013

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I really enjoy going to Lake Charles for the matches at the Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club, it is a great facility with a great crew running the matches there. This time it was for the annual regional tournament that they hold, the Crawfish Cup. Since it is a regional level match, it attracts competitors both regionally and even from those nationally. Like most NRA Action Pistol matches there was a practice day the day before the match, but I wasn’t feeling well so I only got a short amount of time thus this almost was a cold match for me.

Even with that issue I still managed to scrap together a 1611 – 83X, which is my best score since Bianchi, which was high enough to get me high Sharpshooter, and 3rd in production. With my practice at home for the practical I got my best practical score yet by tackling my mike problem at 50 yards, I only had one mike on the entire practical event. On the barricade event it seems that I am still incapable of counting, as it seems that I fired seven shots at 25 yards on one side of the barricade which netted me a penalty. My mover was descent, but nothing to write home about, and my plates were horrible at 10 and 15 yards, but I got the most hits ever at 25 yards. But since I didn’t get a chance to practice I wasn’t able to work on going prone for the plates. I am hoping during the week leading up to Bianchi I can work on that.

  • Practical Event 405 – 22X
  • Barricade Event – 389 – 13X
  • Falling Plate Event – 390 – 39X
  • Moving Target Event – 427 – 9X

Equipment wise I am using the same Springfield Army XD(M) 9 5.25″ that I used for Bianchi, I’ve made no changes since then. As I mentioned earlier I switched to the Comp-tac The International, like with the one I use with the M&P 9 Pro series, it gave me no issues. Ammo wise I was shooting Atlanta Arms & Ammo remanufactured 9mm with the 115gr Zero JHP. I had enough of the AA&A new ammo which has the Hornandy XTP, but since I didn’t get a good practice session I decided not to waste it. I honestly didn’t fell held back with the reloaded ammo, but I haven’t had a chance to shoot any groups with it.

Anyways except maybe a range log, this will likely be my last update until after Bianchi. With a little bit of luck I should be able to scrap the money and ammo to go to those matches. My score sheets will be in a gallery below.

Two for one update this week: Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol

Yeah yeah, I was lazy and didn’t get around to publishing last weeks video, so here both videos in one post.

Steel Challenge at Bay Area Practical Shooters:
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I haven’t shot this in a while and it shows both in a good way and a bad way. It is good that I was more accurate, but it was bad that my movement from plate to plate was slow.

NRA Action Pistol at Southwest Lousiana Rifle and Pistol Club:
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A better score than I’ve gotten in a while, but still not that great. My barricade event pretty much carried me through the match.

First NRA Action Pistol Match since Bianchi…

Well on Saturday the Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol club, the same club that holds the Crawfish Cup, ended their summer break and held it’s first NRA Action Pistol match since Bianchi. Which means this was my first time shooting NRA Action Pistol since I came back from Columbia, in fact it was the first time I shot my XDM since then too. My performance was subpar in my opinion, I only got a 1569. But on the other hand I had no practice with either the gun, or the match unlike the other three matches I shot where you have a day or more to get tuned up.

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I made a number of mental errors, namely firing five shots when I should’ve fired six at least twice. I know that I need to work more on the Barricade event with the bracing, but I am starting to get the hang of it. On the Falling Plate event I got my highest score yet even though I tried going prone for the first time which didn’t work out. But it has shown me that prone provides enough stability, that the time required to get down is worth it. I got a number of things to work on, but I have over six months until the first major match of the NRA Action Pistol season, so I think I can get it worked out.

Comp-tac got my the International for the XDM to me in time time to shoot at the match. Except for once where I didn’t pull the angle right it worked very well. This one also has the issue where it stabs me in the side, so I think I will be breaking out the Dremel in the next few days.

A short update on my Bianchi M&Ps, both Pros are at Apex, they have a couple boxes of my match ammo. Now the waiting game, they can provide me no date on when they will be done, I just hope that perhaps it is before the 2013 Bianchi Cup.