Range Log: July 18th 2010

First week out with my current competition gun, my Sig P226R ST that has had work done on it by Gray Guns, and my IDPA competition holsters by Comp-Tac. Didn’t do so well my times were descent, but not nearly as good as they were before I took a year long break, and I couldn’t get a clean run for the life of me. But I think those will improve after this week of dry firing.

Anyways I mostly worked on the fundamentals so get used to my new gear, and reused to my competition gun. I did 40 rounds of bullseye practice, practiced reloads for 50 rounds, and bursting for another 50 rounds. I then did 5 PT FAST, an El Prez without the second string for practice, and 2 complete El Prez’s. I won’t grace my times here since they SUCKED, but I will say that I can do better.

Overall I shot:

  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 9mm
  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 22LR
  • Sig P226R ST – 200 rounds

No range trip next week.