Rant: Ranges

As an action pistol shooter, finding a range to shoot at can be troublesome. But with my recent move to south Texas this is the first time I’ve ever been in a position that I don’t have a place to practice at. The two main action pistol ranges are full, one with a two year wait list, the other with no formal wait list process.

Speaking with other shooters I get a new lead, Thunder Tactical, I check their website, they have a program where you can qualify to practice alone. Excited I send an email off asking for information, this leads to a phone call. The owner quite literally tells me “No insurance is going to cover people practicing on their own. But you can come attended our structured practice sessions” Seriously?!? That must be why there are two ranges that allow that, that are absolutely full. And if I wanted structured practice I would be signing up for that, I have specific needs I need to address that no structured practice is going to cover.

Well I am back to square one.