Mass update…

A post over a month in the making. Frankly I get burnt out after Bianchi, the seriousness of a major match combined with the heat of summer wears me out. But with the Texas State Steel Challenge Championships coming up it is time to get back in the game. Thus in this post I have updates for three matches that I’ve shot recently.

August 2013 Steel Challenge Match

It is amazing that I come back from Bianchi fastest than I’ve ever shot before. I set personal stage and string records for all but Roundabout.

  • Roundabout – 16.88 – Best String: 3.80
  • Speed Option – 18.82 – Best String: 4.37
  • Accelerator – 19.26 – Best String: 4.19
  • Five to Go – 21.38 – Best String: 4.91

September 2013 Steel Challenge Match

YouTube Preview Image

Not as good as last month, but I got some descent times. Honestly the misses are plaguing me. Something I need to work on before Texas state.

September 2013 Real Steel Match

I shot this match since I will be missing Octobers Steel Challenge match due to attending a Bob Vogel class. This match is a local outlaw steel challenge type match. This one takes the rules even further, adding start plates, limited shot count stages, overlaying plates on top of one another, and even adding a Texas star.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Stage 5 – Pretty straight forward stage, like steel challenge the red stems indicate the stop plate.
  • Stage 1 – Another straight forward stage
  • Stage 2 – The two outer square plates are start plates you have to hit them first, before moving on to the other plates.
  • Stage 3 – This looks like a straight forward stage, but the stop plate is layered over the other normal plate, which can cause you to hit it prematurely, like I did in string 2.
  • Stage 4 – Probably the most complex stage of the match, each popper is a start plate for each of your five strings. Also the stage was limited to 5 shot per each string, and that is on top of the 18x24s being layered on top of one another.
  • Stage 6 – Each of the knock down plates is a start plate, with the standard star. This was a single string stage

This was my first match out with my GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition. I need to work on the editing settings, but overall I like this camera.

Anyways as these were the last matches for me before Texas state, all I have left is practice sessions, and the usual prematch maintenance. Such as chamber checking all my match ammo, now all of the four hundred rounds that I will be taking to Corpus are checked. In the next couple of weeks I will clean my magazines, and clean my gun.

PSA: Clean your magazines

Yes another in my line of public service announcements. Last week during Cut and Run I had an issue with my one of my magazines. During the match I set the magazines aside. So today I take it apart what do I find…

A half inch long piece of grass. That is all it took to stop the magazine from working. Thankfully it didn’t cause a stoppage while shooting, simply made my reload take a little longer. But it just goes to show you that you need to watch your magazines and clean them when they have issues. This is particularly important for competition shooters, who should clean them regularly, including a cleaning before major matches. Cleaning magazines isn’t hard, with the right tools it doesn’t take long. When I clean magazines I use the following:

That’s it. It doesn’t require anything else. And it probably takes about 10 minutes per a magazine max, and what is with spending time loading and unloading it to check spring tension, how well it feeds, and how well it holds the rounds. If after cleaning it continues to have issues, if it is fixable fix it, otherwise junk the magazine so it can’t work it’s way into your range bag in the future. I suggest using a mallet on it.

PSA: Don’t shoot your gun in strange holes…

Because it might just come out broken. And no not that gun perverts.

Shooting a match today I stuck my M&P 9 Pro Series into a port stupidly and during recoil it hit the top edge of the port at least twice.

Well inspecting the gun this evening low and behold I broke the fiber optic tube on my front sight. The one I just fixed about two weeks ago. Looks like I will have to fix it again. Not a huge deal takes about 5 minutes to do, but I am running low on tube so I will probably have to order some soon.

Video is posted here.

Sig P228R at 10,000 rounds.

Well broke 10 cases this week end, logging officially (probably had a couple hundred unlogged rounds) 10,024 rounds through my P228R.

Starting on 03/25/2009, followed up with a total of 55 range trips where it was shot, including 13 training classes for 103 hours of training.

Not too much wear on the important parts, just a couple of chips missing on the bottom of the frame rails, with the same streaks from the 5k picture on the top of the rails. I did expect a bit more wear on the controls, my P226R SCT had much more wear at the same point in it’s life.

Since I am following the parts replacement schedule I replace the recoil spring, roll pins, slide lock spring, and decocking lever spring. I also replaced the main spring since I run a reduced power main spring (18lbs).

I also mainly shoot two magazines that came with it for my range time. Not being cheap (I have over 20 P228/P229 9mm mags), just wanted to see where they will break, they are only cleaned when they malfunction, and dropped 50 or so times per a range trip. Those have been functioning 100% despite being EXTREMELY dirty.

Anyways this might be my last update on this gun for a while. Since it’s my EDC I have to clean it after every range trip. Also since parts availability for the carbon steel slides is iffy I don’t want to push it too much. So I’ve decided that my P229R 22 Classic, with it’s Caliber X-change kit will be my weekly shooter.

I am still going to carry my P228R, and I will be shooting it once a month, but only once a month. My week to week shooting, and training will be done with the P229R.

I’ve been taking pictures, to track the wear, below are the links to the first two sets.
Photo Sets: