PSA: Clean your magazines

Yes another in my line of public service announcements. Last week during Cut and Run I had an issue with my one of my magazines. During the match I set the magazines aside. So today I take it apart what do I find…

A half inch long piece of grass. That is all it took to stop the magazine from working. Thankfully it didn’t cause a stoppage while shooting, simply made my reload take a little longer. But it just goes to show you that you need to watch your magazines and clean them when they have issues. This is particularly important for competition shooters, who should clean them regularly, including a cleaning before major matches. Cleaning magazines isn’t hard, with the right tools it doesn’t take long. When I clean magazines I use the following:

That’s it. It doesn’t require anything else. And it probably takes about 10 minutes per a magazine max, and what is with spending time loading and unloading it to check spring tension, how well it feeds, and how well it holds the rounds. If after cleaning it continues to have issues, if it is fixable fix it, otherwise junk the magazine so it can’t work it’s way into your range bag in the future. I suggest using a mallet on it.