End of the Year Zombie Match @ PSC IDPA – Nov 2012

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Well one of the last matches of the year all there is left is a BAPS Steel Challenge match for me. I did descent, but dropped a ton of points. Stage 8 was where I probably made the most points up.

Being the end of the year, I will be revisiting my accomplishments for the year, and what worked or didn’t work. I will probably have a gear review post up later this year.

Lone Star IDPA Championships 2012

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This was my first sanctioned IDPA match, since it was also this club’s first sanctioned match, it was pretty similar to a club level match. But there was still some challenges, including a stage with a few 35 yard targets, and a side match with a Polish Plate Rack. Got 10th out of 24 in SSP Sharpshooter, got 37 points down. On the Polish Plate Rack I got a time of 6.24s.

Gear wise I used my Comp-tac Paddle Holster, Comp-tac Double Magazine pouch, and my Eotac Concealment vest. I shot a M&P 9 Pro 5″, and a M&P 9 Compact.

Next match is the Monster Match, which appears to be a fun one based on the stages posted.

WHSC: Monthly IDPA Match October 2012

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With the Lonestar IDPA Championship coming up, so needing some practice I attended this match. Interesting match lots of movers, and unusual starting positions. I made quite a number of mistakes, I need to figure out a way to visualize the stages without violating IDPA’s rules.

Match Schedule

I’ve been thinking about my perspective match schedule for 2013. I’ve decided to peruse two sports majorly, and shoot the rest as fun matches. The two sports I decided on are NRA Action Pistol, and Steel Challenge. So with that in mind I am currently planning to shooting the following major matches.

NRA Action Pistol

  • Crawfish Cup
  • Flagler Cup
  • Bianchi Cup

Steel Challenge

  • Texas State Championship
  • US Championship
  • World Championship


  • Texas State IDPA Championships
  • Any local IDPA sanctioned matches

With that in mind I’ve also decided to adjust my local match schedule. Currently I am shooting four club level matches a month, in a mix of steel challenge, IDPA, and USPSA. I’ve decided to switch my schedule up, and only shoot two club level matches a month, and leave the remaining weekends for practice sessions. With that in mind I will be shooting a Steel Challenge match, and mix the remaining match between IDPA and USPSA. Also I will be shooting every other NRA Action Pistol club level at Lake Charles, LA when they shoot it fall to spring.

2012 Shooting Goals

Late last year I posted on Sigforum asking about people’s shooting goals. Figured it would be good to post them here.

Initially I set the following goals for 2012:

  1. Shoot Bianchi without embarrassing myself.
  2. Complete an IDPA match with zero points down period (ie no procedurals, or any other sources of points down).
  3. Compete regularly at a steel challenge style match.
  4. Return to my normal volume of practice.
  5. Finally get classified with the IDPA.
  6. Compete at a sanctioned IDPA match.

My mid year update:

  1. Bianchi is done, and I got a descent score.
  2. Shot a IDPA match with zero down
  3. I’ve shot a steel match virtually every month that I wasn’t traveling during the match.
  4. Still haven’t returned to my previous practice levels.
  5. Got classified as a Sharpshooter
  6. Work in progress I am scheduled to shoot the Lonestar Championships in October.

Also part of the way through the year I set the following longer term goals for my NRA Action Pistol Shooting:

  1. 1. Shoot the AP-1 target events at a NRA Sanctioned match will all shots on the targets.
  2.  Achieve Expert Class
  3.  Shoot the practical with zero points down.

All three of these are a work in progress.

First Match Back…

And I blow it.

Shot IDPA yesterday, got 31 points down, which is unusually high for me. Mostly I was shooting low on the headshots, which resulted in 5 point mikes.

Now I did learn some new things, mostly had to do with time management. I’ve noticed that most high level shooters don’t just wait for activators, they do other things. Today I attempted to do just that, one stage with a mover that took a longish time to be shootable, and another using a pop up target. In both cases I engaged other targets instead of waiting for the targets to appear.

Anyways steel next week.

Couple of equipment comments:

I replaced the fiber optic in my M&P 9 Pro, it was just barely hanging on. I also ordered two new M&P 9 Pro series, they will be sent to Apex Tactical to be built up as Bianchi guns.