Crawfish Cup 2014 and GSSF at Dallas Pistol Club May 2014

Crawfish Cup

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The Crawfish Cup marks the start of Bianchi season. It is never more than a month away from the Bianchi Cup, this year with the World Action Pistol Championships the week before Bianchi this match is even more important as there are few opportunities to practice between the trips for each match.

Anyways I am honestly disappointed with my performance. I made a number of mental errors that cost me points that would’ve otherwise resulted in a pretty descent score.

Equipment wise other than my ELS belt system there were no changes from Bianchi Cup last year. My XDM 9 5.25″ is still going strong.



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This match snuck up on me, I was totally unprepared for it. When I got my Glock 34 Gen 4 all I did was put Warren Tactical sights, I didn’t have enough magazines, and the gun had only a little more than a hundred rounds through it. I also realize now that I should’ve gotten a Glock 17 Gen 4 as that would’ve allowed me to compete in the civilian category which had a number of cash prizes to be won. Anyways I did well until 5 to Glock, where the factory trigger and my lack of practice with the gun came together for a massive number of dropped points.


AAR: The Crawfish Cup 2013

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I really enjoy going to Lake Charles for the matches at the Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club, it is a great facility with a great crew running the matches there. This time it was for the annual regional tournament that they hold, the Crawfish Cup. Since it is a regional level match, it attracts competitors both regionally and even from those nationally. Like most NRA Action Pistol matches there was a practice day the day before the match, but I wasn’t feeling well so I only got a short amount of time thus this almost was a cold match for me.

Even with that issue I still managed to scrap together a 1611 – 83X, which is my best score since Bianchi, which was high enough to get me high Sharpshooter, and 3rd in production. With my practice at home for the practical I got my best practical score yet by tackling my mike problem at 50 yards, I only had one mike on the entire practical event. On the barricade event it seems that I am still incapable of counting, as it seems that I fired seven shots at 25 yards on one side of the barricade which netted me a penalty. My mover was descent, but nothing to write home about, and my plates were horrible at 10 and 15 yards, but I got the most hits ever at 25 yards. But since I didn’t get a chance to practice I wasn’t able to work on going prone for the plates. I am hoping during the week leading up to Bianchi I can work on that.

  • Practical Event 405 – 22X
  • Barricade Event – 389 – 13X
  • Falling Plate Event – 390 – 39X
  • Moving Target Event – 427 – 9X

Equipment wise I am using the same Springfield Army XD(M) 9 5.25″ that I used for Bianchi, I’ve made no changes since then. As I mentioned earlier I switched to the Comp-tac The International, like with the one I use with the M&P 9 Pro series, it gave me no issues. Ammo wise I was shooting Atlanta Arms & Ammo remanufactured 9mm with the 115gr Zero JHP. I had enough of the AA&A new ammo which has the Hornandy XTP, but since I didn’t get a good practice session I decided not to waste it. I honestly didn’t fell held back with the reloaded ammo, but I haven’t had a chance to shoot any groups with it.

Anyways except maybe a range log, this will likely be my last update until after Bianchi. With a little bit of luck I should be able to scrap the money and ammo to go to those matches. My score sheets will be in a gallery below.

Match Schedule

I’ve been thinking about my perspective match schedule for 2013. I’ve decided to peruse two sports majorly, and shoot the rest as fun matches. The two sports I decided on are NRA Action Pistol, and Steel Challenge. So with that in mind I am currently planning to shooting the following major matches.

NRA Action Pistol

  • Crawfish Cup
  • Flagler Cup
  • Bianchi Cup

Steel Challenge

  • Texas State Championship
  • US Championship
  • World Championship


  • Texas State IDPA Championships
  • Any local IDPA sanctioned matches

With that in mind I’ve also decided to adjust my local match schedule. Currently I am shooting four club level matches a month, in a mix of steel challenge, IDPA, and USPSA. I’ve decided to switch my schedule up, and only shoot two club level matches a month, and leave the remaining weekends for practice sessions. With that in mind I will be shooting a Steel Challenge match, and mix the remaining match between IDPA and USPSA. Also I will be shooting every other NRA Action Pistol club level at Lake Charles, LA when they shoot it fall to spring.