Update after a bit time off…

Well a bit of an update, I had a bit of burn out combined with bad weather I haven’t made it to the range much. Also with the ammo crunch I am conserving my pistol ammo since I have just barely enough for all the matches I need to shoot for the next three months. So probably no local matches, and limited practice on the things that I really need help on.

Today I spent some time with my M&P 15-22 on the rimfire range. And then went to the pistol range to work on shooting from prone. During my last few matches I have been throwing too many shots from prone at 50 yards. The range doesn’t support 50 yards, so I did it from the maximum range of 35 yards. It went very well, nothing off the target, and a final score of (though not even remotely comparable to a stage score) of 472-14x out of a possible 500-50x.

Anyways I’ve been sitting on this, but here is the video from the December Steel Challenge Match at BAPS.

YouTube Preview Image

IIRC I did some game stage times, but they weren’t the fastest single run times.

Two for one update this week: Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol

Yeah yeah, I was lazy and didn’t get around to publishing last weeks video, so here both videos in one post.

Steel Challenge at Bay Area Practical Shooters:
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I haven’t shot this in a while and it shows both in a good way and a bad way. It is good that I was more accurate, but it was bad that my movement from plate to plate was slow.

NRA Action Pistol at Southwest Lousiana Rifle and Pistol Club:
YouTube Preview Image

A better score than I’ve gotten in a while, but still not that great. My barricade event pretty much carried me through the match.

BAPS Steel Challenge Sep 2012 + Quick Comp-tac International Followup

YouTube Preview Image
Back to match shooting after nearly a month of a break. Another BAPS Steel Challenge, same stages as usual. I really think the fact that I haven’t had a real practice session in almost six months is screwing me up. But PCS is taking about 500 of the 800 people on the waiting list. With a little bit of luck my name will come up.

Anyways nothing spectacular, lots of misses, I took 117 shots. Found out that my way of doing Smoke & Hope last time was better, and will be going back to it.

Quick follow up on the Comp-tac International. In the match I had no issues, but the cross brace on the drop and offset piece was poking in my side the entire match. As you can see from the picture below, it is a pretty sharp edge. Also the new paddle design that I said held things secure, well I was right, it was not only very difficult to put on, but it was very hard to get off. Honestly if it weren’t for belt loops getting in the way I am almost better off using the belt attachments.

This weekend is NRA Action Pistol, I ordered an International for my XDM. I am hoping that it comes in. But this week I will have to spend quite a bit of time dry firing to get used to my XDM again. I don’t think I’ve shot it since Bianchi Cup.

BAPS: Steel Challenge August 2012

This time hoser cam is very true. Frankly I bombed the match exception Smoke and Hope. I was simply in too much of a hoser mode and didn’t get my hits. As such this weekend I will be hitting the range to do a little slow fire accuracy practice. Anyways here is the video for what little it is worth.

YouTube Preview Image

Now one thing to note that on the hoser stage, Smoke and Hope, I got my fastest single run time, and my fastest total time on that stage.


BAPS: July USPSA Club Match

Those that shoot USPSA regularly know about the classifiers. The typical classifier is honestly pretty easy, this week I discovered one of the harder classifiers. The ironically named CM99-14 Hoser Heaven it is anything but heaven, even for non-hosers like me. I got a C level score, and yet somehow I ended up second place on that stage.

Anyways it was another month, another USPSA match, and another match video.

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BAPS: USPSA June Club Match

Shot the BAPS USPSA match, it was hot as hell. I was sweating so much that I am considering getting something that I can spray on my hands to improve my grip. The stippling of the back strap helps, but since the front is the stock texture due to IDPA rules it is still pretty slick.

Anyways was a four stage plus classifier, the classifier was CM 06-06. I scored 7th out of 24 shooters in production, and I consistently either had the most points in production, or tied for the most. My reloads were pretty good, I don’t remember any screw ups. My overall times could be faster, and I have to work on my weak hand only shooting. But I am fairly happy with the match.

BAPS: June Steel Challenge

Shot a four stage steel challenge match today.

The stages were:

  • Smoke & Hope
  • Five to go
  • Accelerator
  • Pendulum

Overall I did well, scoring myself third limited division with a 83 seconds. That is about seven seconds faster then my total times on those stages last month, but I was shooting my XDM 5.25 then. Now I really need to work on both speeding up, and not missing, yeah I know almost polar opposites. But I took 12 extra shots, which equates to approximately half the runs I was missing on. Which IMO is way too much, I need to make those hits in the first shot so it speeds up my times.