Bailey’s: USPSA July Club Match

Well the match got rained out, so we only shot one stage. And that stage I did horribly, frankly I didn’t stage plan it at all, and it showed. In fact I missed one steel, and one cardboard target, I didn’t even shoot at them because I simply wasn’t looking for them.

Now I do hate stages like this, way too confusing for my pea sized brain. But I really need to buckle down and plan them out, or I might as well not even show up.

Anyways I did do some playing with my two video cameras, and I think I got some cool things to try in the future. But my next match is steel challenge where honestly I just need one camera.

Protip: For anyone even considering using a second camera and wanting to do things like PIP, split screen, or switching angles. Just plunk down the money for a professional video editing package. It is so much easier to get things synced up with Final Cut Pro X then it was to manually sync them using iMove 11.