Amputee in BJJ – Week of April 8th through week of April 23rd

I had some severe issues will allergies so I stayed away from BJJ and most other people until

A I was sure it was allergies
B That I could get it under control

Tuesday April 8th was spent on overcoming an opponent in a turtle guard. I could only do some of the moves, as there were a couple that required me push off with both their legs, which I can’t do. I got to say though that getting around Turtle guard requires you to be pretty quick about it as the person can buck you off if you aren’t.

I missed the rest of the week and didn’t go to another class until Thursday April 17th. That day was spent on passing the guard and exploiting it to do a Arm Triangle. I got to say that I like it because it is a choke that you can do no Gi. From there we worked into how to deal with your opponent blocking the Arm Triangle which can result into moving into a Kimura like Arm Lock. I had no issues with any of this other than the fact that I could only easily pass the guard from one side.

Tuesday April 22nd was mostly spent rolling, as only one other student showed up. I got to say that rolling for 40 minutes straight is pretty tiring.

Anyways that is it until next week as I am out of town for a match, and there is no BJJ club here.

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