Amputee in BJJ: Week of March 17th and March 24th

No update last week as I only had a chance to do one BJJ session. I was traveling to the US Steel Nationals, so I attended a class in Titusville. It was different as they were a Gracie Combatives based school, so most of the class was working through the Gracie Combatives lesson plan, and doing the “Reflex Development Drills” that the Gracie Academy promotes. There wasn’t much rolling, but that was quite interesting, as my first opponent was too easy. The second opponent was a bit harder ending in a stale mate.

This week I was near Tampa, and went to Wolfpack BJJ. Wednesday was at their West Bradenton location, the topic of the day was Bow and Arrow chokes. We worked on all three variation, from the side, from the back, and attacking a turtle.

Thursday I went to the school in Sarasota, the instructor wasn’t feeling well so we mostly did drills followed by some rolling. To me some of the moves were new, for example we did three variations of chokes from the back, only two did I know. I also liked learning how to do an arm bar from closed guard. It was awesome watching the same move performed on an episode of Justified that I watched this morning.

Friday at West Bradenton was an interesting class. They do a class where they just work on positions. The instructor picks a position, like today’s open guard, and the goal is to prevent the pass or vice versa. It is really intense as it is an hour of non-stop work.

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