Labor Day Range Log

Well a little late, but what with all the canceled matches lately I hit the local indoor range. I worked mostly on distance accuracy as you can see by the picture. But first I did some practice with my P229R 2-step working on the same thing.

Total Rounds fired:

M&P 9 Pro – 100rds
Sig P290 – 100rds
Sig P229R – 100rds 22LR

Now during the session I had my first non-user caused stoppage of my P290, I had a failure to feed. I can’t discount that it was caused by ammo, as it was a mixed case dumped case of ammo with everything from GA Arms reloads, and a variety of factory 9mm loads. I will watch the gun and see if this happens again.

GGI Sig P226R Elite is in…

Unfortunately it might be a while before I get to the range. I have some personal issues that are preventing me from getting to the range.

But I will say that the trigger on my Gray Guns P226R is sweet. I had them do their new Competition package which has a leverage adjustment, along with the Warren Dawson sights. The DA pull is really light, and the SA pulls seems to be just where I want it, but I haven’t gotten to the range with it yet. I am hoping these issues clear up and I can go shooting in the next week or so.

Range Log: July 18th 2010

First week out with my current competition gun, my Sig P226R ST that has had work done on it by Gray Guns, and my IDPA competition holsters by Comp-Tac. Didn’t do so well my times were descent, but not nearly as good as they were before I took a year long break, and I couldn’t get a clean run for the life of me. But I think those will improve after this week of dry firing.

Anyways I mostly worked on the fundamentals so get used to my new gear, and reused to my competition gun. I did 40 rounds of bullseye practice, practiced reloads for 50 rounds, and bursting for another 50 rounds. I then did 5 PT FAST, an El Prez without the second string for practice, and 2 complete El Prez’s. I won’t grace my times here since they SUCKED, but I will say that I can do better.

Overall I shot:

  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 9mm
  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 22LR
  • Sig P226R ST – 200 rounds

No range trip next week.

Sig P229R Two Step at 5,000 rounds.

Well my P229R Two Step has finally reached over 5,000 rounds. Most of it was 22LR, but I’m still keeping track of frame rounds, and per a caliber to track the slides. As of today my P229R has a total of:
22LR – 3,956
9mm – 1,050
26 Range Trips

First range trip: 01/01/2010
First range trip with 9mm kit: 03/21/2010
Took over day to day training, and practice: 06/20/2010

Anyways some comments, now that I have the same grips on my P229R as on my P228R I got to say that the recoil difference is so minor with 9mm slide it’s not even worth mentioning. My splits are pretty much the same, and even my draw times are equal (even though the P229R has a full power main spring, and my P228R has a 18lb main spring).

Also in the case that I’ve fired with the gun I haven’t experienced a single extraction or ejection issue with the E2 style slide in the 9mm kit. So far, so good.

Some holster fit comments related to the E2 slide. I can only comment on Raven Concealment Gear since that is what I run, but it has no issues with holsters designed for the P229R (with the Surefire X300 attached), but it drags on the top of the slide with the holster designed for the P226R (also with X300). It’s not a huge issue, but it is kind of annoying, since I have to use that holster with the 22LR slide.

Anyways in closing, I have some frame wear that I have to monitor, but I’ve been pretty weak on my lubrication, I haven’t cleaned the gun since early May (it was disgustingly dirty, but it still ran in both calibers), and I’ve only added a small dab of grease when I switch from 22LR and 9mm. Also no parts replaced since neither slide is to 5k for recoil springs, and frame replacements aren’t until 10k.

Cya on the range, next trip for my is Tactical Response Alumni Weekend, next week.

Pictures Here

Sig P228R at 10,000 rounds.

Well broke 10 cases this week end, logging officially (probably had a couple hundred unlogged rounds) 10,024 rounds through my P228R.

Starting on 03/25/2009, followed up with a total of 55 range trips where it was shot, including 13 training classes for 103 hours of training.

Not too much wear on the important parts, just a couple of chips missing on the bottom of the frame rails, with the same streaks from the 5k picture on the top of the rails. I did expect a bit more wear on the controls, my P226R SCT had much more wear at the same point in it’s life.

Since I am following the parts replacement schedule I replace the recoil spring, roll pins, slide lock spring, and decocking lever spring. I also replaced the main spring since I run a reduced power main spring (18lbs).

I also mainly shoot two magazines that came with it for my range time. Not being cheap (I have over 20 P228/P229 9mm mags), just wanted to see where they will break, they are only cleaned when they malfunction, and dropped 50 or so times per a range trip. Those have been functioning 100% despite being EXTREMELY dirty.

Anyways this might be my last update on this gun for a while. Since it’s my EDC I have to clean it after every range trip. Also since parts availability for the carbon steel slides is iffy I don’t want to push it too much. So I’ve decided that my P229R 22 Classic, with it’s Caliber X-change kit will be my weekly shooter.

I am still going to carry my P228R, and I will be shooting it once a month, but only once a month. My week to week shooting, and training will be done with the P229R.

I’ve been taking pictures, to track the wear, below are the links to the first two sets.
Photo Sets: