AAR: Training with Robert Vogel and 10/11/2013 Range Log

Just completed two days of training with Bob Vogel. It was a nice small class with only eight students with only Bob doing the training. It was hosted at the CCCS in Cresson, TX.

I honestly don’t remember the exact sequence of things. But he started in the class room going over the basics of his grip, gear setup, and grip strength. Moving on to basics like trigger control and sight alignment, then to draws, and reloads. Moving further on to more complex topics like swingers, multiple targets, and finally some basics of stage planning.

Equipment wise I used my typical USPSA production setup which consists of my S&W M&P 9 Pro, Comp-tac the International DOH Holster, and my Ghost 360 magazine pouches. No issues with anything but the gun, which had a number of light strikes, which I believe was caused by improperly loaded Freedom Munition remanufactured ammo.

It was nice to get some practice on the swinger, and I learned Bob’s methods for one handed shooting which I will be working on to improve my weak handed shooting at during the Practical event. Beyond that I think I was practicing most of his opinion on grip, I only had to make a minor change to replicate his grip.

10/11/2013 Range Log

Getting ready for the Texas State Steel Challenge Championships. I worked on getting my draws on 15 yard targets, and transitions using the smaller IPSC C/B steel targets. I also did some strings of fire at 25 yards just to verify that the Atlanta Arms 147gr ammo hit fine at 25 yards, and that I can also do it. This was my second practice session at my new range, I got to say that I am really liking it, the bays are much bigger than the previous two I was a number of. It was also my second range trip with a camcorder on a tripod, I got to say it does allow me to see my trigger to see if I am prepping between targets which is a huge improvement. Anyways some pictures below.

Last practice session before Flagler and Bianchi Cup

Went to the range today for one last practice session. Unfortunately after seeing six rounds on target, I wasn’t feeling it. It just so happened that I also chose today to test my RX100’s video mode. Once I saw the video I saw why my shots all sucked, I was slapping the trigger rather than working it properly with a slow trigger press.

YouTube Preview Image

Anyways video is really helpful for diagnosing issues, as it sees things that many are incapable of seeing while competing or practicing. They aren’t as good as having a instructor, and high level training partner watching you, but they work well if you plan things out. Which means that I will be spending the next week dry firing the shit out of the trigger.

So I am laying there thinking “Did I just blow up my gun right before a major match?”

Backing up a few minutes, today I was at the range again practicing prone in preparation for the NRA Action Pistol matches I would be shooting in the up coming months. I shot three shots on the left target and transitioned over to the right target, I pulled the trigger all of the sudden I felt gas impact my face and my hands.

It was at that moment laying there that I thought “Did I just blow up my gun right before a major match?” I check out the gun, locking the slide back a live round exits the gun, overall it looks like it is in one piece. Suddenly it hit me, I should probably check to see if I am okay. I don’t know about anyone else when I shoot prone with a pistol on the deck I am looking over my sun glasses to see the sights. I check my hands they appear fine though dirty, no blood on my face, and my eyes are fine. Time to figure out what happened.

I looked at my ejected brass, with quality ammo the XDM makes a small little pile of brass at prone, but I see one brass sticking way outside of the pile. Examining it I see clearly what was wrong. It was a ruptured case, being that this was reloaded ammo that explains that, simply was reloaded one too many times. Which explains very few use the reloaded Blue Box Atlanta Arms & Ammo practice ammo at matches. They pay 50% to know that there is little chance of an issue with new brass. Now here I should probably give the disclaimer, this wasn’t the Atlanta Arms & Ammo that I’ve said that I used in the past. This was from a different competition ammo reloading company, I just had a few boxes that I wouldn’t use for practice at a match, or at the match itself since I use AA&A.

My targets (ignore the added numbers as it seems I am incapable of doing simply mathematics today):

Anyways other than that ruptured case my practice sessions went fine, but the greatest I’ve shot, but I am getting better at prone which is the area other than the plates where I dropped the most points.

Update after a bit time off…

Well a bit of an update, I had a bit of burn out combined with bad weather I haven’t made it to the range much. Also with the ammo crunch I am conserving my pistol ammo since I have just barely enough for all the matches I need to shoot for the next three months. So probably no local matches, and limited practice on the things that I really need help on.

Today I spent some time with my M&P 15-22 on the rimfire range. And then went to the pistol range to work on shooting from prone. During my last few matches I have been throwing too many shots from prone at 50 yards. The range doesn’t support 50 yards, so I did it from the maximum range of 35 yards. It went very well, nothing off the target, and a final score of (though not even remotely comparable to a stage score) of 472-14x out of a possible 500-50x.

Anyways I’ve been sitting on this, but here is the video from the December Steel Challenge Match at BAPS.

YouTube Preview Image

IIRC I did some game stage times, but they weren’t the fastest single run times.

Labor Day Range Log

Well a little late, but what with all the canceled matches lately I hit the local indoor range. I worked mostly on distance accuracy as you can see by the picture. But first I did some practice with my P229R 2-step working on the same thing.

Total Rounds fired:

M&P 9 Pro – 100rds
Sig P290 – 100rds
Sig P229R – 100rds 22LR

Now during the session I had my first non-user caused stoppage of my P290, I had a failure to feed. I can’t discount that it was caused by ammo, as it was a mixed case dumped case of ammo with everything from GA Arms reloads, and a variety of factory 9mm loads. I will watch the gun and see if this happens again.

Range Log: July 18th 2010

First week out with my current competition gun, my Sig P226R ST that has had work done on it by Gray Guns, and my IDPA competition holsters by Comp-Tac. Didn’t do so well my times were descent, but not nearly as good as they were before I took a year long break, and I couldn’t get a clean run for the life of me. But I think those will improve after this week of dry firing.

Anyways I mostly worked on the fundamentals so get used to my new gear, and reused to my competition gun. I did 40 rounds of bullseye practice, practiced reloads for 50 rounds, and bursting for another 50 rounds. I then did 5 PT FAST, an El Prez without the second string for practice, and 2 complete El Prez’s. I won’t grace my times here since they SUCKED, but I will say that I can do better.

Overall I shot:

  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 9mm
  • Sig P229R – 200 rounds 22LR
  • Sig P226R ST – 200 rounds

No range trip next week.