Amputee in BJJ – Week of May 19th

Well I haven’t update in a couple of weeks as I’ve been traveling. I finally got a chance to hit a BJJ gym while I was on the road here at the Bianchi Cup.

The first day we worked on closed guard and moving around to submit people from the position, pretty much the same thing I worked on in my last class in Dallas.

Today, the second day, we worked on flow rolling, which is similar to what we did during the Friday class at Wolfpack BJJ in Bradenton.

Anyways no more updates until I get home.

Amputee in BJJ – Week of April 8th through week of April 23rd

I had some severe issues will allergies so I stayed away from BJJ and most other people until

A I was sure it was allergies
B That I could get it under control

Tuesday April 8th was spent on overcoming an opponent in a turtle guard. I could only do some of the moves, as there were a couple that required me push off with both their legs, which I can’t do. I got to say though that getting around Turtle guard requires you to be pretty quick about it as the person can buck you off if you aren’t.

I missed the rest of the week and didn’t go to another class until Thursday April 17th. That day was spent on passing the guard and exploiting it to do a Arm Triangle. I got to say that I like it because it is a choke that you can do no Gi. From there we worked into how to deal with your opponent blocking the Arm Triangle which can result into moving into a Kimura like Arm Lock. I had no issues with any of this other than the fact that I could only easily pass the guard from one side.

Tuesday April 22nd was mostly spent rolling, as only one other student showed up. I got to say that rolling for 40 minutes straight is pretty tiring.

Anyways that is it until next week as I am out of town for a match, and there is no BJJ club here.

Amputee in BJJ – Week of March 31st

Tuesday we did doing hip escapes, I can do hip escapes, but I lack the lower in the bump, and it is sometimes hard doing one side. Thursday was spent on reversing the kimura, honestly had no issues with that.

Saturday we had a guest instructor as the normal instructor was out of town. We worked on Spider Guard, sweeps from spider guard, and preventing your opponent from passing. I found it easier to slip into spider guard, but it is harder to hold. This was also my first session with my Gi, I liked it except sometimes I got wrapped up in it.

Amputee in BJJ: Week of March 17th and March 24th

No update last week as I only had a chance to do one BJJ session. I was traveling to the US Steel Nationals, so I attended a class in Titusville. It was different as they were a Gracie Combatives based school, so most of the class was working through the Gracie Combatives lesson plan, and doing the “Reflex Development Drills” that the Gracie Academy promotes. There wasn’t much rolling, but that was quite interesting, as my first opponent was too easy. The second opponent was a bit harder ending in a stale mate.

This week I was near Tampa, and went to Wolfpack BJJ. Wednesday was at their West Bradenton location, the topic of the day was Bow and Arrow chokes. We worked on all three variation, from the side, from the back, and attacking a turtle.

Thursday I went to the school in Sarasota, the instructor wasn’t feeling well so we mostly did drills followed by some rolling. To me some of the moves were new, for example we did three variations of chokes from the back, only two did I know. I also liked learning how to do an arm bar from closed guard. It was awesome watching the same move performed on an episode of Justified that I watched this morning.

Friday at West Bradenton was an interesting class. They do a class where they just work on positions. The instructor picks a position, like today’s open guard, and the goal is to prevent the pass or vice versa. It is really intense as it is an hour of non-stop work.

Amputee in BJJ: Week of March 10th

Tuesday was mostly rolling.

Wednesday class was all about passing the butterfly guard. I obviously can’t stand so some of the passes wouldn’t work for me, but for the most part I was able to adapt to passing the guard on one side. On the other hand I found my arm strength lacking.

Thursday class worked mostly on moving from side control to more advantageous positions. Honest not too many issues, just something that I have to practice more.

Amputee in BJJ

So I am going to start a new post series. Amputee in BJJ, it is mostly going to be a range log of my training in BJJ, with what we worked on if anything, and any observations I have about the sport. I will start off with today’s class.

Since lately I’ve been shooting on Saturday (yes, I forgot to do range logs), so this is one of the few times I went to a Saturday class and it was rather full. After rolling for a while we worked on countering the side mount escape. For the most part it works fine on one side, But on my other side where I had to post my residual limb, it doesn’t work. Thankfully one of the black belts was able to show me an alternate counter that will work even with my lack of ability to post my leg. It is sort of weird to describe, but it is very similar except you press the knees together instead of posting out. I don’t have as many options, but the one I have is usable.

We also worked on another move. I don’t know the name. Starting in mount, you wrapped your leg around the back of the person’s neck. And using that you can press into an arm bar, flip over do a choke, or any number of submissions involving the shoulder. I obviously could only do it on one side. I also had issues locking in the triangle.

Anyways that is it for today. I am not sure if I am going to do it as I do a class, or if I will round them up for the week and do it all in one post. I am leaning toward doing it once a week. I have a shooting update that I’ve been procrastinating about. I am hoping to get that up in the next day or two.