The non-update update.

Haven’t been doing much match shooting thanks to rain, and real life. Spent the weekend doing personal stuff like looking at new cars, and visit the Battleship Texas. With a little luck I will be back to shooting matches next weekend. Even though I haven’t been able to get to a match with the Comp-tac International, I took advantage of Comp-tac’s Labor Day sale to order one for my Springfield XDM 5.25″, and a flashlight pouch. I ordered the magazine pouch since I know that it is likely that The Lonestar IDPA match will have a low light stage. Both should be here on time for first NRA Action Pistol match of the fall season in two weeks.

A couple of non-shooting comments, as I mentioned I went to the Battleship Texas. Despite the fact that the ship ain’t built for someone with mobility issues, it was surprisingly easy to get around I had very few issues. And a little laugh as I wrote this post, I’m Shipping up to Boston came up on my iTunes playlist.

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New Leg: Update with Photos

Looks like my temporary foot, Endolite Echelon, is likely going to be the foot that I will be using for the time being. I wanted to go with an electronic foot ankle system, Endolite Elan, that would dynamically adjust to the terrain that I was walking on. But my insurance company denied saying that it was experimental, and thus they don’t cover it. Which is the end of the road really.

Anyways after wearing it for a few weeks now, and shooting a couple of matches, this foot isn’t bad. It doesn’t have as much movement as my last foot, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because I feel for stable, but it’s bad that I end up hitting the forward stop quite often. So far it hasn’t been a limitation, but we will see in the future once I get a chance to really work this leg out.

I wanted the socket to be coated with the Multicam fabric that someone on GOTX so graciously sent me, but that didn’t work out, it wouldn’t absorb the plastic used in the lamination process. So they did some camo that they had scrap from a previous leg. I will be ordering another socket shortly out of pocket to build a running leg (once I have the cash for the foot), and I will be ordering some plain Multicam fabric. I might see if we can switch the sockets pretty easily.

Anyways pictures of my current leg, and my previous leg below.

Rant: Ranges

As an action pistol shooter, finding a range to shoot at can be troublesome. But with my recent move to south Texas this is the first time I’ve ever been in a position that I don’t have a place to practice at. The two main action pistol ranges are full, one with a two year wait list, the other with no formal wait list process.

Speaking with other shooters I get a new lead, Thunder Tactical, I check their website, they have a program where you can qualify to practice alone. Excited I send an email off asking for information, this leads to a phone call. The owner quite literally tells me “No insurance is going to cover people practicing on their own. But you can come attended our structured practice sessions” Seriously?!? That must be why there are two ranges that allow that, that are absolutely full. And if I wanted structured practice I would be signing up for that, I have specific needs I need to address that no structured practice is going to cover.

Well I am back to square one.

New Leg

My old leg was getting rather uncomfortable, after jumping through a number of hoops I got a new leg. Woohoo, it has the new leg smell, smells like plastic lamination material. It doesn’t have the final foot I want (waiting on insurance approval, as they don’t always approve the new designs), but this one seems to work pretty well and I have it roughly adjusted where I want it. I will refine it over the weekend, and see how well it operates this weekend at the Tactical Response Alumni weekend.

I will try to get some pictures this weekend if I have the time.

Team Peg Leg

20120629-083350.jpgNew domain names, new blog name, and shortly a logo/look. I’ve uploaded a preview of the new logo with this post. That isn’t the header banner that will top the website shortly but that is the logo that I will be using. It was designed by Duke at Righteous Duke Designs. Before the Lonestar IDPA championship I am going to have a couple of shirts printed so I can wear it to the match. So look for me there.

Now as you can see I will updating the blog more often with match AARs, my equipment comments, and match videos. I still don’t expect very many people to read it, but I’ve posted this all in web forums in the past, and honestly I get sick of loosing the content I write, so this will be my clearing house. And it will cover things that I think aren’t interesting enough to post on web forums.