Amputee in BJJ – Week of May 19th

Well I haven’t update in a couple of weeks as I’ve been traveling. I finally got a chance to hit a BJJ gym while I was on the road here at the Bianchi Cup.

The first day we worked on closed guard and moving around to submit people from the position, pretty much the same thing I worked on in my last class in Dallas.

Today, the second day, we worked on flow rolling, which is similar to what we did during the Friday class at Wolfpack BJJ in Bradenton.

Anyways no more updates until I get home.

Crawfish Cup 2014 and GSSF at Dallas Pistol Club May 2014

Crawfish Cup

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The Crawfish Cup marks the start of Bianchi season. It is never more than a month away from the Bianchi Cup, this year with the World Action Pistol Championships the week before Bianchi this match is even more important as there are few opportunities to practice between the trips for each match.

Anyways I am honestly disappointed with my performance. I made a number of mental errors that cost me points that would’ve otherwise resulted in a pretty descent score.

Equipment wise other than my ELS belt system there were no changes from Bianchi Cup last year. My XDM 9 5.25″ is still going strong.



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This match snuck up on me, I was totally unprepared for it. When I got my Glock 34 Gen 4 all I did was put Warren Tactical sights, I didn’t have enough magazines, and the gun had only a little more than a hundred rounds through it. I also realize now that I should’ve gotten a Glock 17 Gen 4 as that would’ve allowed me to compete in the civilian category which had a number of cash prizes to be won. Anyways I did well until 5 to Glock, where the factory trigger and my lack of practice with the gun came together for a massive number of dropped points.


Amputee in BJJ – Week of April 8th through week of April 23rd

I had some severe issues will allergies so I stayed away from BJJ and most other people until

A I was sure it was allergies
B That I could get it under control

Tuesday April 8th was spent on overcoming an opponent in a turtle guard. I could only do some of the moves, as there were a couple that required me push off with both their legs, which I can’t do. I got to say though that getting around Turtle guard requires you to be pretty quick about it as the person can buck you off if you aren’t.

I missed the rest of the week and didn’t go to another class until Thursday April 17th. That day was spent on passing the guard and exploiting it to do a Arm Triangle. I got to say that I like it because it is a choke that you can do no Gi. From there we worked into how to deal with your opponent blocking the Arm Triangle which can result into moving into a Kimura like Arm Lock. I had no issues with any of this other than the fact that I could only easily pass the guard from one side.

Tuesday April 22nd was mostly spent rolling, as only one other student showed up. I got to say that rolling for 40 minutes straight is pretty tiring.

Anyways that is it until next week as I am out of town for a match, and there is no BJJ club here.

US Steel Nationals 2014 – A long overdue update

Probably thought I completely forgot about shooting since I haven’t posted anything shoot related since late last year. I haven’t stopped shooting, simply haven’t had time to get any new posts done.

US Steel Nationals 2014

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I spent a week and almost 5,000 rounds in Florida shooting. I first spent two days with Shannon Smith of Universal Shooting Academy, during this session we established realistic goal times for all the stages. I then spent the remainder of the week leading up to Saturday practicing. The match was fun I didn’t do as well as I was hoping, but I still walked away with 6th production which is 4 positions higher than last year. One bright spot, is though I was within a second of my time at the Texas State match, I only had 17 make up shots which is much much less than I did at Texas State.

Stage wise, I only set a personal best stage time during Smoke and Hope; and Roundabout both of the hoser stages. On the other hand even though my stage times were worse on other stages like Five to Go my times were more consistent. Since I know that I had shoot these stages faster, I just need to do it more consistently since my previous way of doing it often results in me crashing and burning. Now two things I noticed that I really need to work on is to reacting to the buzzer faster and prepping the trigger. I really need to get my hands moving at the first sound of the buzzer rather than waiting for the buzzer to complete. Also I noticed from watching the video (you didn’t think I did the video because it is cool?) that I was resetting the trigger after I got to the next target, I really need to do that between targets.


Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Pro 5″ – This was the first time that I’ve had a parts breakage at a major match. During practice on Thursday the left side slide lock lever broke off. It wasn’t a major issue since you are doing reloads in Steel Challenge, so I trucked on with my current gun rather than breaking out the back up. The only thing I had to do because of it, was use an empty magazine to lock the slide back. I called S&W and they said it was a factory only part so I would have to send the gun in to get a free replacement. I just bought a couple, and will be doing the replacement myself during the next spring replacement cycle.

Now I did have three stoppages, all three were with Freedom Munitions Remanufactured 9mm, and all three sounded like a squib with a stove pipe failure to eject. I had no issues with the Atlanta Arms and Ammo 9mm reloaded match ammo.

Safariland ELS Belt System – This was my first major match with the Safariland ELS belt. Overall I like the stiffness of the belt along with the convenience. Every time I put it on the mag pouches and holster are all in the same position. When I am eating lunch I can quickly slip off my QLS attached holster, and my ELS attached mag pouches. If I am going into town for lunch, I can simply take off the outer belt. And then there is the fact that even though the mounting platforms don’t change, I can easily change the exact attachments for the division that I am shooting. So for this match I had my Comp-tac International Holster for the M&P, and the Safariland 773 magnetic mag pouch. For Bianchi it will be the XDM version of the Comp-tac holster. For USPSA I will change the mag pouches. The list goes on.

Now I did have one issue with the belt system, somewhere during the week I lost one of the pegs that holds the belt together. I noticed it on Friday, and I didn’t have a back up belt so I had to keep on trucking (Safariland has said that a replacement peg is on the way). I also say people that didn’t secure their belt well lose the belt during stages like Outer Limits. I can see why Shannon Smith uses police style belt keepers with his competition belt system. If I have any issues I will likely be doing the same.


Bianchi Cup and Other Pistol Matches

I picked up my second XD(M) 9 5.25″ that I will be using as a back up gun for these season’s NRA Action Pistol matches and any in the future. It took a few hours but I got it configured the same way as my other XD(M), now I am just waiting on the backup holster from Comp-tac. Anyways I am signed up for the Crawfish Cup, World Action Pistol Championship, and the Bianchi Cup. I got my squading for Bianchi Cup, I request and got the same shooter number as my last two years, and I got all afternoon slots. I am definitely looking forward to shoot the new mover in Columbia, as they’ve upgraded it to an Action Target tracked mover. I am currently working on getting an extra day at the SWLA Rifle and Pistol Club range to practice the stages a little more.

Anyways on to the second half of my season, due to the World IPSC Championship being at USA this year, the Monster Match is cancelled. Since I enjoy shooting Shannon’s matches I’ve signed up for the US IPSC Nationals, which will be the same stages just a week or two after the world match. Should be a fun match, and since I am going to be shooting classic division this will be first time shooting a major match with a 1911. I need to get some stuff hammered out to get my STI Trojan ready for the match.

I was hoping that the USPSA would move the World Speed Shooting Championship to fall at USA, but that didn’t quite work out. The date for the Texas State Steel Challenge Championship hasn’t been announced yet, but I am hoping that it will work out so I can shoot it in addition to the US IPSC Nationals. Either way, I am seriously thinking about going to the Georgia State Steel Challenge Championship next year.

Amputee in BJJ – Week of March 31st

Tuesday we did doing hip escapes, I can do hip escapes, but I lack the lower in the bump, and it is sometimes hard doing one side. Thursday was spent on reversing the kimura, honestly had no issues with that.

Saturday we had a guest instructor as the normal instructor was out of town. We worked on Spider Guard, sweeps from spider guard, and preventing your opponent from passing. I found it easier to slip into spider guard, but it is harder to hold. This was also my first session with my Gi, I liked it except sometimes I got wrapped up in it.

Amputee in BJJ: Week of March 17th and March 24th

No update last week as I only had a chance to do one BJJ session. I was traveling to the US Steel Nationals, so I attended a class in Titusville. It was different as they were a Gracie Combatives based school, so most of the class was working through the Gracie Combatives lesson plan, and doing the “Reflex Development Drills” that the Gracie Academy promotes. There wasn’t much rolling, but that was quite interesting, as my first opponent was too easy. The second opponent was a bit harder ending in a stale mate.

This week I was near Tampa, and went to Wolfpack BJJ. Wednesday was at their West Bradenton location, the topic of the day was Bow and Arrow chokes. We worked on all three variation, from the side, from the back, and attacking a turtle.

Thursday I went to the school in Sarasota, the instructor wasn’t feeling well so we mostly did drills followed by some rolling. To me some of the moves were new, for example we did three variations of chokes from the back, only two did I know. I also liked learning how to do an arm bar from closed guard. It was awesome watching the same move performed on an episode of Justified that I watched this morning.

Friday at West Bradenton was an interesting class. They do a class where they just work on positions. The instructor picks a position, like today’s open guard, and the goal is to prevent the pass or vice versa. It is really intense as it is an hour of non-stop work.

Amputee in BJJ: Week of March 10th

Tuesday was mostly rolling.

Wednesday class was all about passing the butterfly guard. I obviously can’t stand so some of the passes wouldn’t work for me, but for the most part I was able to adapt to passing the guard on one side. On the other hand I found my arm strength lacking.

Thursday class worked mostly on moving from side control to more advantageous positions. Honest not too many issues, just something that I have to practice more.

Amputee in BJJ

So I am going to start a new post series. Amputee in BJJ, it is mostly going to be a range log of my training in BJJ, with what we worked on if anything, and any observations I have about the sport. I will start off with today’s class.

Since lately I’ve been shooting on Saturday (yes, I forgot to do range logs), so this is one of the few times I went to a Saturday class and it was rather full. After rolling for a while we worked on countering the side mount escape. For the most part it works fine on one side, But on my other side where I had to post my residual limb, it doesn’t work. Thankfully one of the black belts was able to show me an alternate counter that will work even with my lack of ability to post my leg. It is sort of weird to describe, but it is very similar except you press the knees together instead of posting out. I don’t have as many options, but the one I have is usable.

We also worked on another move. I don’t know the name. Starting in mount, you wrapped your leg around the back of the person’s neck. And using that you can press into an arm bar, flip over do a choke, or any number of submissions involving the shoulder. I obviously could only do it on one side. I also had issues locking in the triangle.

Anyways that is it for today. I am not sure if I am going to do it as I do a class, or if I will round them up for the week and do it all in one post. I am leaning toward doing it once a week. I have a shooting update that I’ve been procrastinating about. I am hoping to get that up in the next day or two.

Attaching Safariland QLS Fork to Comp-tac International Holster

This guide is an addition to the Comp-tac guide, as frankly I don’t feel it goes into too many details on how to attach the International to the QLS fork.

You will need the following:

  • Your Comp-tac the International Holster disassembled
  • Three Comp-tac T-nuts
  • Three Safariland screws 0.495″ long
  • Safariland QLS fork
  • Hex drivers for both Safariland and Comp-tac
  • Drill
  • #10 drill bit

The last item is probably the most important as the holes on the Comp-tac holster that they don’t normally use for their attachment methods come undersized. Comp-tac has claimed that you can pull the nut through with a screw, but I haven’t been successful doing that. Even after drilling the hole out with the #10 drill bit often I still have to pull the nut through. No fractional size will work, the #10 is just the right size in that it is slightly undersized. The drill bit is available on Amazon or other shops they can be had for a few dollars, or just buy a full set as it is useful to have them around for more precise jobs.

The newest design of the International has slots for the top screw holes, which gives you have two ways of attaching the QLS fork. The two ways are highlighted in yellow and purple. For older holsters you just have the regular top holes, you can only use the attachment holes highlighted in purple. For the newer holsters the slots don’t need to be drilled out, just the single holes. I found that there is very little difference between the attachments methods, the yellow holes results in a very slightly higher resulting position of the QLS fork on the holster, but not high enough that it is noticeable on the draw.

I found it easier to remove the adjustment screws so I can get my hand more easily into the holster, but beyond that it is pretty easy just try to get the nuts in the holes. If it is a little too tight I use Comp-tac suggestion to use the screw to pull it into the hole a little. For the slots you want to make sure that the nuts are in the inner edges of the slots. And then using my hand to make sure that the nuts aren’t pushed out I tighten each one a bit, making sure that it is still straight.

After that you need to put the adjustment screws back in. To do that you need to hold the holster together squishing the rubber adjustment posts. You will need to adjust the tension on the holster again but you are ready to give it a test at the range, and loctite the screws if you are happy with everything.

The Monster Match 2013

YouTube Preview Image

The Monster Match is probably the match I enjoy the most every year. Every year Shannon has new tricks up his sleeve with the match, this year it was a treadmill. But beyond that he takes excellent stage design and ramps things up quite a bit, over half the stages were redresses from the US IPSC Nationals. So there were some very difficult props, and many of the stages were built with more than one way to shoot it. It is hard to single out a particular stage that I liked the most, but I found the challenge of the Ghost Ship enjoyable.

No real major issues, my S&W M&P 9 Pro ran fine, the only issue was the slide locking back prematurely stage 5 “Waking the dead.” Also I should mention stage 5, the popper that activated the mover didn’t want to go down so I called for a challenged the calibration of the popper and won that. Thus I got a reshoot, and I didn’t do badly on the reshoot. The calibration and reshoot gods were pleased with my sacrifice of a virgin (Do you know how hard it is to find a virgin anymore?).

Beyond that most of my issues were mental, like forgetting my stage plan, or in one case simply forgetting to shoot an array of targets. My overall performance was not bad, I shot 81% of the points available, and walked away with high ‘C’ class in the Production division.

Anyways it has been announced that The Monster Match will likely be cancelled in 2014, which is unfortunate. On the other hand there is a rumor that the World Speed Shooting Championships might move to that time of year. But if that doesn’t come to pass I am thinking about shooting the US IPSC Nationals in Classic division.